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Modern Poland Foundation

CopyCamp 2017 workshops

Aug. 21, 2017, 11:32 a.m.
Krzysztof Siewicz

See the workshops we prepared for this year’s CopyCamp and register! (https://copycamp.pl/en/info/workshops/). This year:

  • Team of experts from the National Museum of Denmark (Jacob Riddersholm Wang, Pernille Feldt, and Martin Appelt) will share their experiences in digitizing heritage.
  • Data scientists will have an opportunity to learn practical skills using open source tools. Peter Murray-Rust will equip you with a special virtual machine and teach how to use Wikidata.
  • Then, Sander van der Waal and Danny Lämmerhirt (Open Knowledge) will lead a workshop designed for the public administration officers working on opening public data, as well as activists and entrepreneurs operating in this area.
  • Everyone suffering from burn-out or other personal problems is invited to Hacking with Care – led by Jeremy Zimmermann.
  • Activists interested in the legislative process at Brussels can take part in a mini role-playing game led by a dream team of: Natalia Mileszyk, Dimitar Dimitrov, and Diego Naranjo.
  • Last but not least – authors, artists and music publishers are all invited to a workshop about managing rights and promotion led by Kiki Ganzemüller (YouTube).

(photo: Daniel Mee, Workshop, flickr, CC-BY)


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